Enrique Serrano's Resume

Enrique Serrano Valle

Software Engineer, UX Designer

Spanish citizen, fluent in English and Spanish, living in the United States, with U.S. Work Authorization.

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(6 years
6 months)

Director & Developer

Director and developer of a consulting business targeted at delivering complete solutions integrating software engineering, brand development, online marketing and e-commerce strategies.

(3 years)

Lead Web Programmer

Híbrida S.L.
Developer of software solutions and content management systems. Administrator of computer systems. UX consultant. Responsible of SEO and online marketing. Team coordinator and project manager on software projects.

(9 months)

Software Developer

Germinux XXI S.A. (Gesfor group)
Developer of online applications with strict usability and efficiency requirements, and web-based portals, contributing to core code, data model, unit testing and user interface design.

(6 months)


University of Madrid
Six month European International project ITEA Families scholarship at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, developing a web-based requirements management tool integrated in Eclipse, and a UML metamodel based on Carnegie Mellon University’s CMMI with product line support.



Software Engineer’s Degree

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
Telecommuncations engineering five-year degree with specialization in software engineering.


Web Design, 3D, Video & Desktop Publishing Courses

Trazos Digital School
4 courses on web coding and design, 3D modeling, video editing and desktop publishing.




Certified Programmer
Certified Programmer for the Java Platform

Honors & Awards


Gold ASPID Award

Ibero-American advertising award in pharma/healthcare
Mylan campaign “Bring Out Your Inner Clown” supporting clowns in child hospitals, with Swahili Estudio. Complete software application coding.


Silver ASPID Award

Ibero-American advertising award in pharma/healthcare
Multimedia ad campaign for Rovi Riemann and Ilusionlabs. Complete software application coding.


Goya Award Credits

Flowers of Rwanda documentary
Credited in the Goya-award-winning documentary Flowers of Rwanda. Full website development, SEO campaign, and supporting film FX tasks.


Illustration Award

deviantArt Daily Deviation
Independent illustration work featured as a daily top pick in the Illustration category of deviantArt, the largest internet art platform (over 25 million members and 246 million submissions in 2013.)

Skills & Technologies


Routinely designing, developing and maintaning websites and web-based services. Most applications I create work with web interfaces. Knowledge of HTML5 features


HTML and CSS work hand-in-hand. I frequently employ CSS for interface design. In all of my most recent projects I use it with SASS. Knowledge of CSS3 features.

UX Design

All of my positions include user experience design duties, UX consulting, user interaction planning, website redesigning, and data-driven optimization.


Routinely using this technology in front-end programming tasks. I use it most of the time with jQuery libraries. Mainly employed for client-side validation, additional interactivity, enhanced presentation and interface design.

Java / JEE

Certified Java programmer. I used Java to code online portals, web-based applications with strict performance requirements, and standalone data processing apps. I also have experience working with frameworks as Struts, Spring and Hibernate.


Experience designing databases and working on applications that use MySQL databases in LAMP environments. I also have experience in creating applications that work with PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases.


Experience using PHP to develop custom information management systems, client management systems, extranets, payment gateways, CMS customizations, and a custom MVC framework.


Experience in developing a C# web-based inventory management application with role-based functions. I also have basic notions of VBScript, which I mostly used to maintain legacy code.


Advanced developer / plugin developer level. I use it to speed up delivery cycles. Extended / reenginered the framework as a dashboard for a Flash front-end, private extranets, e-commerce systems and custom applications.


Experience in creating unit tests for applications in agile development environments, mostly using JUnit. Experience debugging applications, and in maintaining pre-existing code.

Version Control

Experience in contributing code as part of a team of programmers using version control systems (primarily Git and CVS). Notions of Subversion.

Web Design

I create cross-browser compatible websites, from wireframing to designing and coding unique visual concepts. My work includes website redesign, maintenance, and responsive design creation.

Flash / Actionscript

Experience creating interactive websites, campaigns and games, mostly AS3-based. I developed an Open Source animation framework and a pioneer Object Oriented responsive framework (before the “responsive” term was even coined.) I also have basic Flex knowledge creating Intranet dashboards.

Graphic Design

Experience designing and editing all types of graphics, imagery, interfaces, advertisements (online and print-ready) and infographics. Photoshop and Illustrator training and knowledge at professional level. I also have extensive experience performing brand consulting and development.


Provided SEO consulting as part of online marketing services. Organic traffic was one of the main new client acquisition sources of my last two positions. Removed search engine penalties, and developed sustainable content creation and marketing strategies.


Experience using Adobe After Effects and Premiere. Video editing and motion graphics creation. Assisted with video FX design. Prepared video materials as user training and application support documentation. I also have experience using Final Cut Pro and Shake.


Experience using Word (preparing reports, proposals and user manuals,) Excel (data analysis and accounting,) PowerPoint (project presentations and public speech materials) and Access (legacy system maintenance). Also, experience using LibreOffice and OpenOffice suites as well.


Basic notions of C, Matlab, and logic programming (Prolog, CLIP, Jess.) Training in 3D design & animation (Maya and 3ds Max.) Familiar with IDEs such as Eclipse (with basic plugin development experience,) PHPStorm, IntelliJ and Netbeans.