Photoshop Styles Tutorial: steps to create a Photoshop Chrome Effect Style

How to create a Photoshop Chrome Effect Style – Tutorial by

Chrome tutorial final result

This is an example of a Photoshop chrome effect used to design a metallic looking web interface. It was created by following the step-by-step guide of this tutorial.

In this Photoshop Styles tutorial you will learn how to define your own advanced Photoshop Styles to create chrome effects, metallic effects and other shining effects. Once you create your own custom Photoshop Style you will be able to quickly apply the predefined style, achieving realistic metallic effects without effort.

I find these chrome Photoshop styles specially useful to create web interfaces, modern logotype effects, or even to render realistic metal effects.

Of course, you can download my free Photoshop styles and start using them right now.

I will explain in detail every step to create these cool effects, so let’s get started!

Steps of this Photoshop Styles Tutorial

1) Creating basic shapes for metal edge effects

2) Designing Photoshop custom styles

3) Create a Photoshop metal interface by exporting merged layers

4) Photoshop the final details of the chrome interface

5) Practical examples of this Photoshop styles tutorial