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What makes companies thrive in an ever-growing online landscape?

Years ago, my answer was: an advanced software solution. And only after I graduated as a software engineer, when I had coded real online applications, I realized about the importance of what your users see and feel. With that thought in mind, I decided to get additional training on marketing and design.

Design met software engineering, with a customer-centered approach. It sounded like the formula to deliver complete user experiences.

You achieve optimum results when you have a smart software application, that works exactly as your users want, and that is attractive and intuitive. That's what I create for my clients. Read on to find out how.

How complete software solutions are created

As a software engineer, I learned the technical base to turn ideas into code and to work as part of agile teams building even bigger and more powerful solutions.

The journey of the software engineer never ends. It is exciting to keep learning, to put new technologies to use, to deliver the best solution possible for each case.

My initial experience with requirements engineering gave me a great base to go beyond coding the solution right: I also make sure to code the right solution.

I have experience talking directly to end users, and to understand what they need. That’s how I have worked for companies and clients all over the world.

Thanks to my design experience, I make sure to code applications that work well, and that look great. I care about user experience. It isn’t just a matter of coding something that works well, but of delivering something that your end users will enjoy.

This unique blend of skills and experience allows me to deliver customer-centered, smart software solutions, that are a pleasure to use.

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