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Professional custom corporate logo designs

Corporate logo designs by Enrique Serrano
   A good corporate identity identifies a company in a memorable way. It should give a clear idea of what a business is about from the very first look. The challenge in logo design is to create the appropriate style of logos, and to design something simple and recognizable, but original, eye-catching and full of meaning at the same time.

   This portfolio features the most representative selection of my work as a corporate image and logotype designer. These professional custom corporate logo designs have been categorized according to different types and style of logo design.

   All of these logos are original and unique creations, designed to satisfy the specific requirements of real companies.

Corporate logo designs - logos portfolio selection by design style: take a look at my logo design secrets

This section contains logos that are crisp, simple, memorable, clean, recognizable, resizable and printer friendly in a wide variety of media. A right and effective choice for any kind of company.
Logos with a high-tech feeling: distinctive and modern. These logotypes depict the innovative and advanced nature of the business from the very first glance.
These logotypes represent a serious and professional company. Such logos focus on the idea that your firm is a big, strong, experienced and trustworthy business.
New times require new solutions. The modern logotype design style of this section immediately attracts the viewer's attention with appealing colors and eye-catching designs.