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Logo design is based on understanding what a company needs, and on delivering a visual solution that will be perceived the right way by its main target audience. It can be seen as a blend of requirements engineering and user experience / graphic design.

Here is where my unique background in engineering, graphic and UX design is put to work, delivering unique results.

Corporate logo designs – portfolio selections by design style

Design meets engineering

Design isn't just limited to branding. A logo can act as the keystone to set the graphic language and visual priorities of a target company, and then any other visual expression elements can benefit from this: from printed communication materials, to the interface of a website or app, including custom images and photographs. A careful design can add that extra level of polish that turns your solution into something memorable that your users will enjoy interacting with.

Moreover, a logo design project is a great way to connect. Several of my software engineering projects started with a logo. In the process of creating a new brand, I gained insight about the main business goals and visual preferences of my client, but also about how all that is tied with my client's target market and final users. Having all this knowledge proves useful in the development of solutions for any company.

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About my professional custom logo designs

In the world of logo design, a good corporate identity identifies a company in a memorable way. It should give a clear idea of what a business is about from the very first look. The challenge in logo design is to create the appropriate style of logos, and to design something simple and recognizable, but original, eye-catching and full of meaning at the same time.

This portfolio features the most representative selection of my work as a corporate image and logotype designer. Since different businesses need different design styles, these professional custom corporate logo designs have been categorized according to different types and styles of logo design.

All of these logos are original and unique designs, created to satisfy the specific requirements of my clients: real companies all over the world.

by Enrique Serrano

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