Relational databases

Great projects leave memories

Retrieving information or storing the results of your program are operations so typical in my workflow that it would be hard for me to remember a mid-sized or big project that didn’t involve the use of databases.

Checking user permissions, finding articles, retrieving uploaded file names, loading scores, listing orders, getting currency amounts – all are examples of how I have used databases in the past.

My experience working with relational databases

I have experience working with relational databases – mainly MySQL, but also Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

I have worked designing databases for new applications, but also programming the controller logic and the presentation layers of the software that would access the databases, edit their contents, and present the interfaces and results to the end-users.

I would especially highlight a project where I was part of a team creating an application with strict performance requirements, that would deal with several thousands of queries per second in its peak usage. Seeing that optimized system working was a real pleasure.

Does your code need to retrieve information to process it? Does the result need to be stored for future reference? If so, you can count on me to create code that works with the databases that you need.