Experience using C# .NET

Coding an online tool in C#

My experience with C# .NET revolves around a 6+ month project of creating an inventory management system with role-based permissions and features, that doubled as an extranet / online scheduling tool. Such platform was then deployed in a Windows Server with Microsoft SQL databases, which I also designed.

I was surprised about how similar I found the coding experience in C# to coding a similar solution using my well-known Java language, especially combined with one of the web frameworks that I tend to use (since my C# code was also using an MVC architecture.)

I also had to eventually work with some fragments of VBScript code in both, code samples, and some smaller legacy systems. Though my VBScript knowledge is not as advanced as my C# one, since the amount of code I wrote in VBScript was limited to small applications, while I worked on the bigger systems exclusively using C#.

At the end, I was impressed with the quality of the resulting system. It was as solid, object-oriented solution, with a clear distinction between the logic model, the presentation layers, and the controller part, easy to maintain and to understand.

If you need any supporting programmer with some C# knowledge, who is also experienced in other languages and phases of the software engineering process, I could be a good fit for your needs