When PHP is a good choice

Usually my choice of PHP is driven by specific requirements of the environment where the final application will be deployed. I find that its main advantage is that pretty much any system or hosting service supports it, which came in handy for specific projects where changing my clients’ hosting was not an option. Sometimes, it was even a good option for quick, small server-side scripts.

I have frequently worked with PHP in LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) environments, mostly using modular object-oriented approaches.

Practical applications of PHP during my career

I have extensive experience with PHP in a wide array of usages, featuring:

  • Coding custom payment gateways in several e-commerce applications.
  • Developing custom lightweight content management systems.
  • Creating server-side scripts that bind the front-end to the underlying data model.
  • Extending and re-purposing WordPress for specific online applications.
  • Implementing a custom MVC framework designed to list and edit databases through dynamic javascript-based tables.

Does your next project work in an environment that runs PHP? Let me know if you need a PHP programmer in your team.