Video Creation, Editing and Effects

Getting people’s attention in a fast-paced society

In our current fast-paced society, what is the best way to get someone’s attention? Let’s run a little experiment. Next time you have a meeting, open up your laptop, and start playing a video: it will be hard to take people’s eyes off the screen.

Video may be the fastest growing kind of content, occupying even more time on people’s lives than social media. It’s watched everywhere: TVs, computers, and even tablets and mobile phones. And this can only get better, as stats indicate that the trend is even more intense with the younger, coming generations.

If you want to get your message noticed, it makes well worth it being there. That’s why I added video-related courses to my visual communication skills.

Experience with video

I have experience using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects for video editing and motion graphics / special effects creation.

Sometimes, all your skills work together. Color correction, visual storytelling, graphic composition, image editing – it is surprising how much video has in common with design, and how much expanding you knowledge in one branch improves your results in all of them.

All this has allowed me to create video documentation as training for new applications, to develop motion graphic presentations, and to assist with video effects in award-winning films.

Are you thinking about including some video as part of your next project? Maybe I’ll be able to help you with that. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.