Complementary skills and experience with other technologies

A long career in software engineering and user experience design comes with practice in a wide array of fields and technologies. Here are some of them, in which the technology/skill would be complementary to my main working activities, or my experience would be at a level of basic notions (having completed at least a few projects with each one of them, but still not being close to being an expert.)

  • I have basic notions of C – not to be confused with .NET C#, as I’m way more experienced with this last one.
  • I have carried out some projects with logic programming software – essentially Prolog, but also CLIP and Jess.
  • I have worked with mathematical/technical software in the past – mostly Matlab, but also with Maple.
  • I’m familiar with IDEs as Eclipse (with basic plugin development experience,) IntelliJ, Visual Studio, PHPStorm and Netbeans.
  • I have training in 3D design software (mainly Maya, but also 3ds Max) covering modeling, texturing, rigging and basic animation.
  • I have some marketing experience, directly dealing with clients, and helping my clients promote their business (mostly online.)
  • I’m a native Spanish speaker, but I’m also proficient in English.

Do you think that my skills would be a good fit for your next project or to be part of your team? If you agree, don’t hesitate to contact me.