Simple and clean logo and image design portfolio

Simple and clean corporate image and logo design

Focus on your main business objective – who you are, what you do, what makes you special and how do you want to be remembered. That’s exactly what your logo should depict.

Keep it simple and clean. Give your customers a clear idea about who you are. Let them remember you.

The advantage of using simple & clean designs

  • Easy to remember: Your company needs to focus on a unique and original image. It may be simple, but it is still customized and full of meaning.
  • Easy to print: extract the maximum out of a reduced number of spot colors. It will allow you to keep your print costs low and your image coherent.
  • Useful design: Establish a strong corporate image using your logo in a wide range of communication materials: business cards, stationery, web pages, merchandising... Your clean logo will work at very different sizes when used on a wide variety of media.

by Enrique Serrano

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