Modern style logotype designs

Modern logo styles: art and illustrations as a new web logo design

Modern web logo designs
      New times require new solutions. New media, such as web pages, allow displaying colorful graphics and illustrations without the paint restrictions of traditional printing. The key is now to stand out, appeal and catch the attention through a modern design style that will marvel your customers.

A modern logo design with eye-catching illustrations is nearly a new form of art, idoneous for modern web based businesses. Rich textures and attractive glows will let those contemporary logo designs appeal your customers and convey the modern nature of your company.

  • Optimal design for web businesses: Either an internet based business or a modern web 2.0 company needs a logo design that matches the nature of such web business. It's a colorful and contemporary style that will glow in a modern computer display.
  • A new logo design art: The logo designs for the new times may use interesting textures, glows, illustrations and reflections. That's nearly a fusion of modern digital art with very practical and appealing logotype design principles.
  • Differentiate your logo with style: Marvel your potential clients with a new aesthetically pleasant modern logotype design style, that will make your logo stand out among its competitors.
  • A modern and professional design: Attract your customer's attention with a beautiful design style, that is also a meaningful and representative design of your corporate identity. It's not only a nice image, but also a memorable and professional logo that conveys the main ideas of your modern company.

Do you want to improve your business with a modern corporate identity?

Modern logo designs - web 2.0 design style art, logos and illustrations as branding for the new times

Logo for Poker Dreams, a web based online poker gaming company.
The sleek design features poker cards, a poker chip and an ace of spades.
This logo was designed for twenty4us, a parent online community featuring help and tip sharing forums. The modern branding depicts this caring community.
Logotype design for an asbestos (toxic chemicals) management company. The "QA" logo symbol depicts a dangerous element safely handled.
The Learning Craft logo is a modern and eye-catching LC symbol design of pieces that fit together: proper for an eLearn and corporate online training web firm.
Mornandell design's logo represents their elvish inspired black swamp concept, as well as their art recycling philosophy: the rising object becomes art.
This XLQ logotype design was created for a stock market analysis software tool: the chrome letters make it look like a modern and futuristic logo.
Web logo for Splash Vision, an online water-themed funny video community.
This logo design focuses on a splash illustration with realistic water effects.
My Final Party is a communication website that sends messages about celebration of life. The logo illustration depicts a stylish final message.
This is an original logo design for a modern digital printing company. The innovative logotype symbol is based on the printing company initials, GP.
JP Enterprises is an internet web based business. The dynamic JP swoosh logo design looks like a web 2.0 connected internet world.
This is a fresh logo design for Fresh Media, a modern webdesign company. The logotype combines the fresh concept with a modern technology feeling.
Key Design is a construction and real estate company. The modern logo design is an illustration of a stable key shaped construction.