Corporate logo designs: consulting, graphic design & branding portfolio

Corporate identity logo designs and branding by E. Serrano

Your big and experienced company is the best at what it does. But you cannot explain to your new customers either all your previous successes or the technical details of your business in just a second. That’s why having a professional corporate identity becomes so important.

Here are some examples of corporate-style logo designs from my portfolio:

Advantages of defining your corporate identity using a professional logo design

The right graphic design can turn into a valuable ally for your corporate identity branding strategies. Because of this corporate logo design will quickly introduce your company as a serious and trustworthy partner. A well designed corporate image that depicts the right image of your company is critical to earn people's confidence and attract new customers.

  • Corporate logo design: Immediately convey an idea of serious, professional, strong and trustworthy company. Your logo is very important to create a possitive first impression.
  • Corporate branding: Build a coherent company philosophy, and clearly communicate it through all your business assets.
  • Professional corporate identity: Even for a small new business, a professional corporate image will be of great value earning new customer's trust.

by Enrique Serrano

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