Digital video logo design – logotype for a digital video line website (DV symbol)

Digital video line logo
© design by Enrique Serrano

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Digital video logo design: modern symbol for DV line, a digital video source website

Main ideas of the DV line digital video logo design

DV line is a website oriented to digital video news and other digital video related subjects.

This logo combines the two key website concepts, “digital” and “video,” in a modern and clean design.

Digital video website logo requirements

  • The DV line logo style should be very modern, but simple and clean as well. Think of a modern minimalism design like Apple MAC style.
  • The logo design should include the website name, “DV line”. A DV symbol may be designed, based on the concept of Digital Video.
  • The website tag-line, “the digital video source”, should be included in the design, but use a typography smaller than the main DV line logo.
  • There is not a defined website color scheme, so you can use any color in the logo. Think of a modern and clean design style.
  • Also try to include another logo design version that will work on a black background.

Why this modern and clean DV line digital video logo design works

The key idea of this logo design is to combine both main concepts of the customer’s website, “Digital” and “Video”, in one original symbol. Then the design is completed through a clean and modern logotype, using a smart and minimalistic typography and design style.

DV stands for “Digital Video”, and this acronym is even a part of the website name. So I thought that designing a specific “DV” symbol as part of this logo would be an appropriate idea. This logo symbol itself would be quite compact and appealing, so it could be used as an icon repeated through the webpage sections, news and bullet lists. Or it could even be used as a favicon, helping to strengthen the website identity.

Digital video logo explained

The “D” logo symbol represents the “Digital” nature of the website. This digital concept is depicted using discrete pieces of information, such as “bits”, in a data stream fashion. These digital separated ascending rectangles are the first spot that catches the viewer’s attention. They add a dynamic rising effect that guides the attention through the “D” symbol in the logo.

The “V” logo symbol depicts the “Video” concept of this digital video website. This video logo uses one of the most easily recognizable and widely accepted video symbols: a film strip. This letter is connected to the “D”, so such previous letter leads the view to this “V” video symbol. The perspective effect of the film strip not only adds another modern and distinctive touch to this logo design, but also looks like the video is rising. That “rising video” idea depicts the key website concept of “video source”.

How the logo leads user attention

The “DV line” logotype is enclosed between two dynamic smooth lines that represent the “line” part of the website name. A subtle shading effect was added to the design: this way, the upper logo part seems to shine, and the main logo looks somehow engraved in a modern chrome like surface, using an effect created by the surrounding empty, negative space.

The main typography used in this digital video logo design is based on a modern and light sans-serif font. It’s clean and easily readable, while its smooth lines look inviting and appealing. A similar style font, but with a little bit more compact feel, was used for the logo tag-line, “the digital video source”. So the tag-line remains easily readable, but the main logo design is clearly distinguished and it still stands out.

Digital video text design

According to the minimalistic, technological, clean and nearly zen style of this logo design, a gray and white color scheme would be very appropriate for this modern digital video web. This logo can be printed using only a flat color (with a percent variation for the subtle shading effect). That makes this logo design very easy and affordable to print, even using spot color inks.

The conclusion is that this digital video logo design combines the main ideas of the website in a clean and clear way, very appropriate for a modern webpage environment.

Other modern digital video logotype design versions

Black background digital logo

Black background digital video logo

This is a black background version of the main DV symbol of the digital video logo, just as the customer requested. In fact, this version is made of just plain black and white colors. So it can be printed at any device, even when colors or grayscale tones are not an option (as in some faxes and similar).

This black and white digital video logo design remains clean, modern and easily recognizable, even with this strong color restriction, thanks to the clean and minimalistic design of this corporate identity.

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by Enrique Serrano

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