Web Geek brain logo design – geek logo design for a tech geek web company

Geek brain logo
© design by Enrique Serrano

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Web Geek brain logo design: geek logo design for a computer tech geek internet web business by E. Serrano

Key Web Geek brain logo design ideas

The Web Geek concept is the main branding idea for an Internet company that provides web hosting and web design services.

This web geek brain logo design is based on a very original symbol that depicts a computer tech geek as an Internet expert in a smart way.

Web geek logo design requirements

  • The Web Geek concept requested for the IT company needed to be a modern and professional logo (maybe with an funny touch) that depicted a computer tech geek as an Internet expert.
  • Any modern font may be used. Include the company name, and the tag-line “web design and hosting services”. Do not use the acronym of the company name in the logo. Also try to include the “.com” of the Internet address as well.
  • The traditional company color scheme was based on blue and green. So the web geek logo design should use these colors.
  • As this web geek logo is going to be used mainly on the company webpage, any number of colors may be used. Gradients can be included in the logo design too.

Why this tech Web Geek brain logo works

The term geek refers to a person who is fascinated by knowledge and usually by technology. So a web geek is an intelligent man who loves (and knows a lot about) Internet and computer networks.

The idea is to depict what an Internet geek is through a simple logo, focusing on the “intelligent” and “expert” qualities, and avoiding any unprofessional connotation. So it has to be a sober and professional image too, conveying the idea that this tech geek logo depicts also a trustworthy Internet expert. This is achieved by smartly using a representative Internet symbol, the “@”, as the basis of a tech geek brain.

What’s inside a web geek’s head? A lot of knowledge about The Net. So this computer geek logo shows a man who knows a lot about Internet, web and computers. It’s a very iconic symbol, with a funny touch, but still clear and professional.

Geek symbol meaning

The color combination of green and blue tones is clean, professional, and has a somehow tech feeling. The main geek brain logo version is a simple and clean design. It focuses on the geek brain idea, composed of “@” symbols, avoiding any other over-the-top details. The smooth color gradients add a nice touch to this geek brain logo design: the geek brain has a subtle three-dimensional feeling, and the shining top of the geek head reminds of ideas growing and intelligent brain activity.

Geek logo colors

The chosen font for this geek logo design matches the overall style of the logotype: clean, sharp and modern. The “Web Geek” part of the logo is combined with the head through its shape and color, remarking the tech geek brain logo concept.

The final web geek brain logo design is a very original and unique idea, that features a web geek as a tech, computer and Internet expert in a professional way. These computer geek logos are really distinctive logo designs based on a clean and smart idea.

Other computer geek logo designs

Dark background geek brain logo design

Dark background geek brain logo

This is a dark background version of the main web geek brain logo design. The clean white background has been replaced by a dark one, which now remarks even more the tech geek logo contours.

This web geek logo variant was specially designed to be used on a web page. That’s why more complex and eye-catching gradients, glows and subtle 3D effects were added to this web geek logo design: it would be harder to print on paper, but it looks great on a computer screen.

Internet geek logo

Another Internet Geek logo design

This is another completely different logo design approach that depicts also an Internet Geek. The geek design is based on the same ideas as the final web geek logo: the web geek is an Internet expert, with a lot of Internet and web knowledge in his brain.

The key of this logo design was to combine a commonly accepted Internet symbol (the interconnected world globe) with a serious professional (the Internet tech geek). This web head geek logo is a web expert, depicted in an original and iconic way.

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by Enrique Serrano

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