Modern logo design ideas for a parent forum community of help and tips sharing

forum community logo
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Parent forum community logo design: a modern logotype design for help & suggestion sharing forums

The ideas behind the logo design

twenty 4 us is an online parent forum community where they meet and share help, suggestions and tips.

This modern logo design depicts all the main ideas of this forum community. It’s a modern symbol, with a friendly look, that reminds of parents and of community members working together and helping each other.

Specified requirements of this parent forum community logo design

  • twenty 4 us wanted a modern, happy looking, light and fun logo design.
  • The logo should include the main address of this parent community:
  • There is no color scheme defined. The final result should be attractive for parents.
  • The design is going to be used as a web logo, and any color number (including color gradients) may be used in this logo design.
  • The main ideas that should be taken into account are related to an online parent forum community: learn, share, interact.

An effective logo design for an online parent communtiy

The key was to create a modern and appealing logo that depicted a parent community in a somehow fun and friendly way.

The inspiration for this logo design came from the main ideas of the company. The community idea is depicted as a circular group of community members. Those community members are connected one to each other, taking into account the help and suggestion-sharing idea. The interactive concept of these forums is remarked interleaving the iconic representations of people, which creates also a dynamic effect. Finally, depicting one person bigger than the rest adds a parent related idea to this logo design.

The company name was designed used a rounded soft font. That kind of typography complemented the logo design with an additional friendly touch. It made the whole community logo look happy, inviting and fun.

The final design color choice was a green color scheme. Green is traditionally related to hope, which can be very appropriate for parent help forums. As this logo design is about an online community, some modern logo ideas were added through the use of reflections and glassy effects as part of the design.

The final logo design depicts an online forum community of parents that interact, share tips and suggestions and help each other, in a very inviting, friendly, and fun way. It’s both a modern and appealing logo design.

Other modern logo ideas for parent online forums

blue community logo version

Blue parent community logo version

This logo version used a design based on a blue color scheme. This modern combination of blue colors gave the logo an even more lighter and modern idea, giving the image some nice level of contrast.

On the other hand, this bright blue color scheme could be a little bit too cold for an online parent community of help forums. So I finally decided to use the green logo design, as it was a warmer, funnier and more inviting logotype: the focus should be put more in the help and suggestion sharing community feeling than in the modern online infrastructure used.

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by Enrique Serrano

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