Logo design for a toxic chemicals management company as an ecology & danger sign

Toxic chemicals management logo
© design by Enrique Serrano

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Toxic chemicals management logo design: ecology & danger signs in a logotype design for an asbestos management company

Key ideas of this toxic chemicals logotype design: danger signs plus ecology signs

QAMS (Queensland Asbestos Management Services) is a company that disposes of asbestos (toxic chemicals).

This logo design depicts the asbestos as dangerous substances under control, while the whole logotype conveys an idea of ecology and safety. The final design combines concepts of an ecology logo with concepts of danger signs and a toxic logo: the toxical asbestos are disposed with safety and ecology.

Asbestos management company logo requirements

  • Since asbestos are toxic chemicals, the “A” symbol in the logo (which represents the asbestos) should convey an idea of danger.
  • The logo design has to include the company acronym, QAMS. Try to include the full company name in the logotype too.
  • A green and yellow logo color scheme may be alright. The toxic asbestos could be depicted in a color that represents danger or warning.

A modern and meaningful toxic chemicals logo design

The key of this design is to combine the two main company ideas: the dangerous nature of the toxic asbestos, and the safe, effective management of this chemical waste.

The main “QA” symbol of this logo design depicts how the dangerous asbestos are safely handled inside a Q symbol. The dangerous nature of these toxic chemicals is remarked by the warning orange color of the “A” symbol, while the green “Q” conveys feelings of ecology and safety.

I decided to include a modern sans-serif font for the company name, which was both modern and professional. This font had to be easily readable even at a small size, as such company name was quite long.

The final design color scheme uses warm yellowish green colors (to convey the idea of ecology and safety) and a yellow orange color (to depict the dangerous nature of the toxic chemicals, as danger signs and logos tend to depict those toxic substances). The color gradient effects add a modern and interesting touch to the design, very appropriate for the web or on screen versions of this logo design.

This asbestos management logo design combines successfully modern and professional elements, conveying in an unique sign the idea of toxic chemical substances safely and ecologically handled.

Other versions of this chemical management services logo

three color asbestos logo version

3 color asbestos management logo

While the main logo version is a very aesthetically appealing symbol, this logotype design was also going to be used on traditional print. A gradient logo is ink expensive if printed on spot colors, and can be somehow more complex to print when when downscaled or printed in complex surfaces.

This is an alternative design for the toxic chemicals management company, based only on 3 spot colors. It’s an easy and cheap-to-print design, that preserves the subtle 3D look of the Q segments, and the warning color of the dangerous sign of asbestos’ “A”.

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by Enrique Serrano

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