Elegant and sophisticated logo design – elvish inspired art, designs and recycling

Elegant and sophisticated design
© design by Enrique Serrano

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Elegant and sophisticated art logo design: art and design by recycling, for an elvish-inspired design company

Key ideas of this elegant art and design elvish inspired logo

Mornandell Design is a company that creates art by recycling discarded objects. The company name is inspired by the elvish expression “home of the black swamp”.

My elegant and sophisticated logo design represents all key concepts (recycling sophisticated art): the discarded object is rescued from the black swamp, and then it becomes a modern art design.

Requirements specified for this sophisticated art and design logo

  • The logo design should depict the key company ideas: art, recycling, and the elvish concept of home of the black swamp.
  • Include the company name, Mornandell design into your logo design (without being case sensitive). Try to avoid using serif or elvish script fonts.
  • A color scheme based on black and green tones is preferred for this logo design. Use a maximum of three flat colors in your logotype design.

A modern, highly representative and sophisticated art logo design

The inspiration for this logo design comes from the main philosophy of this company: it’s an elegant art related and design business, that creates sophisticated art by recycling discarded objects, and whose name is inspired by the elvish concept of home of the black swamp. That’s exactly what this modern art logo design represents.

The black swamp idea was the starting point of this logotype design. A light and subtle pond ripples effect introduces this black swamp elvish inspired concept without becoming too heavy or cluttering the logo design, as it is the empty negative space what gives the water visual consistency.

Then I added the recycling ideas to this logo design: an art related business cannot use standard logo designs for recycling without being artistic by itself. So a discarded object is depicted as a partially sunken object and then such object is recycled (or even rescued) and turned into a modern elegant and sophisticated design, a shining piece of art.

The vertical composition of this logo design leads the view from the bottom to the top, conveying the idea of this art recycling process.

An elvish inspired modern art logo requires a light and modern font with the slender and agile qualities related to elfs (specially when the customer did not want serif or actual elvish script fonts). It has to convey and elegant and sophisticated feeling through thin, light and clean lines. The carefully adjusted font tracking, as well as the balanced design composition, achieve what could be considered an elvish plus modern art elegant and sophisticated look.

The final logo design uses an elegant 3 color scheme based on black and green tones. The key was to convey the main concepts of the black swamp objects: dark, sophisticated, art. Even with such strict color limit I managed to include some sophisticated 3D effects in the frames that represent art works, and an elegant shining effect into the recycled art object. The key was to keep the whole design elegant and sophisticated, but still representative and eye-catching.

All business concepts are taken into account into this logo design in a seamless and simple way. It’s a modern, representative, elegant and sophisticated logo design, appropriate for an elvish inspired art and design business.

Variations of this elegant and sophisticated art and design logo

A sophisticated black background design variant

Elegant and Sophisticated Black Background Logo Design Version

This is a logo variant of the main logotype design, optimized to work on a dark background. The composition of the design is still balanced, gently leading the view to the shining final work of art.

Black background logo designs are less used than white background logo versions as they tend to be more ink expensive – most printing surfaces tend to be white, as paper. Nevertheless, this approach is a really distinctive, elegant and sophisticated logo design that conveys a strong art and high-end feeling, especially if it were to be printed in dark plastic or a glossy black surface.

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by Enrique Serrano

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