Modern and fresh logo design for Fresh Media, a webdesign company

Fresh Media webdesign logo
© design by Enrique Serrano

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Fresh Media logo design: a fresh logo design for a modern webdesign company

Key concepts of the Fresh Media logo design

Fresh Media is a modern webdesign company.

The Fresh Media logo is based on a fresh looking original design that reminds somehow of a fresh fruit segment, of mouse pointers, of a fresh water splash, and of modern digital pieces that fit together. It’s a friendly and inviting design which has also a professional and modern feeling.

Fresh Media requirements about their "fresh" logo design

  • Fresh Media was looking for a modern fresh logo design, that could depict the professional image of a fresh and modern webdesign company.
  • Besides the fresh concept is often related to fresh fruit, they didn’t want an explicit reference to fruits in the main logo symbol design.
  • A modern blue color scheme would be fine. There is no color limit for this logo, but it should be easy to print.
  • The webdesign company name, Fresh Media, should be included in the logo design. The company tag-line, Web Design and Development should be included as well. No special font is preferred, but something with a subtle web 2.0 style would be fine.

A Fresh logo design that works: Fresh Media logotype explained

The idea was to design an original logo image that could depict the main company concepts: fresh, modern and innovative webdesign. A deep abstraction of a fresh fruit segment would be a nice starting point. Turning it into a splash looking logo is another way to reinforce such fresh concept. Then I dealt with the webdesign concept, adjusting the individual pieces of this fresh logo design to look somehow like mouse arrow pointers. The final fresh and web related logo design looked like modern digital pieces that fit together: that’s the key of effective webdesign.

The color scheme chosen for this logo design is a combination of bright blue tones: that’s the best choice for a fresh concept based webdesign company. Apart from such fresh concept, the blue color scheme conveys also digital, modern, innovative and technology related ideas. Finally, the dark background helps making this whole logo design stand out even more. Thus a cool looking logo design with tridimensional and highlight effects was created by using just 5 flat colors (that can be converted into a 2 ink version for traditional printing purposes just by using color opacity variations).

The typography chosen for this logo design had to match the fresh and modern look and feel of the logo. So a bold strong and trustworthy font was selected. Nevertheless, the font has also soft corners, that convey a subtle friendly and approachable touch. That way the design is kept professional and innovative, while having also some web 2.0 inviting details.

The resulting fresh logo design focuses on the main idea of this webdesign company: it’s a fresh modern concept, both professional and innovative, very appropriate for an emerging webdesign and web development firm.

Variants of the Fresh Media webdesign logo

white background fresh media version

White back Fresh Media design

This Fresh Media logo variant demonstrates how the main logo design works also on clear white backgrounds. That’s important because white logo backgrounds are the most common ones (white paper printing and most webpage layouts).

This alternative fresh logo design features also a landscape composition optimized for an horizontal display (such as a web banner or letterhead). The modern shining arrow logo attracts the attention and directs it through the Fresh Media logo text.

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by Enrique Serrano

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