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Download Free Photoshop Chrome Styles

You can download 28 new Adobe Photoshop layer styles free, with custom chrome metal effects by clicking here.

These Photoshop styles were created using the techniques explained throughout the advanced Photoshop styles tutorial.

Click on the style to apply it to a new layer. Also use the Scale Layer Effects option in Adobe Photoshop after applying the style: it can really transform how does the chrome style look. Check this if you need more info to use custom styles in Photoshop.

You can also watch this video tutorial to check a real example of how to use the chrome metal styles.

You can use these styles for free to create your own commercial Photoshop images. If you want to republish the tutorial or redistribute the Photoshop chrome styles, do so following the instructions of the overall licence terms of this tutorial section.

Create metallic interfaces with a single click. Download the chrome styles!

Photoshop custom styles install instructions

Installing the downloaded styles is very easy. Just copy the downloaded .asl file with the chrome styles preset into Adobe Photoshop layer styles directory:

[Photoshop folder] > Presets > Styles

To use the new downloaded metal styles, just restart Photoshop and open the new styles preset from the layer styles window.

Please note that these chrome layer styles require Adobe Photoshop CS or higher to work.

If you need more information installing the new Photoshop styles, check the how to install Photoshop style presets.

If you cannot find the installed chrome styles, check the notes to open Photoshop style presets, and look for this style preset, called "eserrano Chrome"

The 28 Free Metallic Chrome Photoshop styles

Here is the complete list of the Photoshop layer styles included in this free download:

  • Brushed metal glossy: a lightly reflective metal.
  • Brushed metal: smooth metal style.
  • Brushed metal stamped: another soft metal style.
  • Gun metal neutral: flat metal with chrome edges.
  • Gun metal warm: similar to the previous style with a warm touch.
  • Chrome: a reflective chrome layer style (Photosop default).
  • Slick chrome: a chrome style with increased reflections.
  • Mercury: softer metallic chrome reflections.
  • Hematite (polished): a shiny obsidian like dark metal.
  • Obsidian (light): smooth dark metal.
  • Obsidian (darker): an even darker metal.
  • Obsidian (darkest): darkest metal with little reflections.
  • Carbon (glossy): a shining carbon texture.
  • Carbon (shiny): a carbon texture with more intense glow.
  • Carbon (rough): a depth and low reflective carbon texture.
  • Steel edges: chrome metal effect on the edges.
  • White metal: shining white metal style.
  • Jet (encased): dark texture with strong metallic borders.
  • Plastified surface: a smooth and glossy plastic.
  • Iron (dull): a metal focused on midtones.
  • Iron (reflective): iron with stronger reflections.
  • Quicksilver: a chrome style like liquid metal.
  • Damaged steel: worn and pitted steel texture.
  • Steel plate: a solid and dark metal cover.
  • Silver: a metal like darker shining chrome.
  • Black wired metal: dark metal with complex reflections.
  • Meltdown: liquid metal with waves of reflection.
  • White magic: clean and shining white style.
  • Total meltdown: even more intense liquid reflections.
  • Metal waves: very complex waves of reflection inside.
  • Quicksilver pool: a quicksilver chrome style with more waves.
  • Silver tech: the silver style revisited, with bolder reflections.
  • Hematite sleek: extremely polished dark metal.
  • Alien metal: an interesting experimental chrome texture.
  • Power within: a metal that glows from inside.
  • Silver perfection: a realistic silver chrome style.

After applying the style to a layer, make sure to use the Photoshop Scale Effect option to adjust the layer style size: that can completely transform how does the chrome style look.

Also make sure to experiment with the layer blend mode to create interesting style combinations.

Experiment and enjoy your free chrome styles!

Install the downloaded Photoshop styles inside the "Styles", in the Photoshop presets directory.

Samples of the Free Photoshop Chrome Styles by

Brushed metal glossy style
Brushed metal style

Brushed metal stamped style
Gun metal neutral style
Gun metal warm style
Chrome style
Slick Chrome style
Mercury style
Hematite polished style
Obsidian light style
Darker obsidian style
Darkest obsidian style
Glossy carbon style
Shiny carbon style
Rough carbon style
Steel edges style
White metal style
Encased jet style
Plastified surface style
Dull iron style
Reflective iron style
Quicksilver style
Damaged steel style
Steel plate style
Silver style
Black wired metal style
Meltdown metal style
White magic style
Totally meltdown metal style
Metallic waves style
Quicksilver pool style
Silver tech style
Sleek hematite style
Alien metal style
Power within style
Silver perfection style

Experiment with these chrome Photoshop free styles, have fun and stay creative!

Get the free Photoshop chrome styles

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