Corporate logo design & effective business communication for Rainbow Realty

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Corporate Rainbow Realty logo: effective business communication and rainbow logo design

Main ideas of an effective realty logo design

Rainbow Realty is a real estate brokerage and development company.

This rainbow / roof shaped logo design effectively depicts a corporate rainbow related realty image.

This is an effective communication for a rainbow related realty business that aims to stay professional.

Realty business requirements about their communication and logo design

  • Rainbow Realty was looking to turn the current business communication into a business professional corporate logo design
  • It had to be a a modern logo design, eye-catching and memorable, while staying professional.
  • The logo may contain any number of colors, but they wanted to avoid using all rainbow colors in the logo design, keeping it professional.
  • No special font was required. The logo should include the full realty company name (case sensitive) in the design.

Why this realty logo design is the key of an effective business communication strategy

The key to success in this logo design was to combine the 3 main realty business goals in the logo design: display a rainbow related image, communicate realty related ideas and convey a serious and professional corporate identity.

So I wanted to design a modern rainbow logo, that stood away of traditional full rainbow arcs, and that reminded of a roof like structure. The rainbow logo itself is composed of the stylized version of a land plot, and its assymetric composition gives a subtle tridimensional effect to the resulting roof like arc.

The five colors used (plus a black color) create a logo design based on a not-too-colorful rainbow. Adding some color to the logo immediately links it to the rainbow concept, and makes it eye-catching. But by breaking the traditional rainbow arc, and by omitting some rainbow colors, the whole logo design is kept serious and professional.

The corporate look of this logo design is remarked by the classic serif font chosen. By putting it on the bottom, written in a black color, the text balances the composition, making the whole logo appealing but professional as well.

The result is a serious corporate realty logo that effectively combines eye-catching rainbow concepts with a professional realty communication and business identity

Other variants of this Rainbow Realty corporate logo design

one-base-color logo design

One-color corporate logo version

It’s always advisable to have an easily printable logo version. This Rainbow Realty logo requires just one flat color to be printed, which is quite remarkable, taking into account the colorful nature of rainbows. For this purpose, a red color scheme was chosen because it’s both lively and corporate professional. The flat ink opacity variations create the effect of a color gamut, leading the view through the rainbow logo.

This version keeps the rainbow realty concept, with a serious corporate touch, and very low print costs.

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by Enrique Serrano

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