Professional logotype designs – Management and consulting services logos for Veritas

professional management logos
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Professional management logotype designs: professional logos for Veritas, management and consulting services

The key ideas behind these professional logos

Veritas is a firm that provides professional consulting and interim management services.

The key idea behind Veritas’ logotype designs was to create a modern and unique V-shaped symbol, combined with a clean and original typography. So the resulting logos are both modern and professional, original and straightforward at the same time.

Requirement specification for the logotype designs of this management company

  • Veritas was looking for a business professional logotype design style.
  • The preferred color scheme for the designs is dark blue based. The logos could contain any number of colors, including color gradients.
  • The ideas that the logotype should evoke are the following: seriousness, effectiveness, professionalism, leadership and superiority.
  • The logotype could contain any symbol, but the company name should stand out in the design. An Arial font is preferred.

Professional management & consulting logotype design process explained

The design of the logotype symbol is a simple and clean V-shaped logo (putting emphasis on the company name.) This design makes an interesting usage of the blank background (negative space) to define such V letter, which makes the symbol original and distinctive at the same time.

The viewer’s attention is led through the logo from left to right in an ascending way, thanks to the sharp edges and the asymmetric design. In fact, the V logotype ends in a high sharp line that seems to rise. The dynamic way in which the view is led, together with this rising logo structure, subtly conveys abstract ideas of efficiency, growth, superiority and leadership.

Veritas logo gradient presentation

A dark blue color scheme is a very good corporate color choice for a management and consulting firm. This blue color scheme conveys ideas of seriousness and professional services. By allowing gradients in the logotype designs, some interesting effects could be added to the logos, such as modern clean reflections and 3D effects. The bright shining top reinforces the “ascending” effect of the whole logotype, and thus, strengthens the leadership and superiority concepts of this design.

Arial is a great classic sans serif font – very clean and professional. But because of its own success has become an overused typography that could be not-so-distinctive as to be part of a logotype design as is. So a deep typography customization was performed to make the whole logotype unique, while keeping the good font properties of the original font that the client approved. By cutting the “e” and the “a” the design looks ligther, more modern and dynamic. And by sharpening the “V” and the “t” top the ascending effect of the logos was increased.

Arial font variant design details

The final logo designs depict a clean and original concept in a modern looking and professional way. Such logos succeed in combining straightforward concepts in an unique design, turning something simple and clean into an appealing and original design. It’s a serious, distinctive and professional logotype design, that satisfies the requirements of this management and consulting services company.

Variants of this professional management logotype design

monochrome logo design

Professional 1 color logotype design

Gradient designs are extremely eye-catching, but may be expensive to print and hard to scale. That’s why having a non-gradient flat color version is always useful. This logotype design only requires 1 color to be printed, which makes it a very printer-friendly logo version.

Even without color gradients, this logo version keeps intact the main ideas of the final design for this management firm. It may be a less eye-catching logo, but the serious and professional aspects of this logotype are reinforced even more in this version, as it follows a classic brand image style.

V logo on white background

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by Enrique Serrano

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