Professional corporate logo design for a stock market & economy consulting firm

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Professional economy consulting logo design for an investment consulting firm

The keys of this economy consulting corporate logo

Jackson Kohle is a professional economy consulting firm.

This design depicts the firm initials in a professional, simple, classic and trustworthy way, while being distinctive, strong and original at the same time. It’s a clean, serious, and straight to the point corporate logo design.

Requirements of this consulting and investment corporation for their logo design

  • The customer firm was looking for a serious and professional logo design that would fit the economy consulting look-and-feel of other stock market investment companies, such as those displayed in the most world-known economy specialized journals.
  • The logo was design was limited to a maximum of 3 flat colors, and it should include the full firm name. On the other hand, the logo symbol could be based on the firm initials, JK.
  • The key was to create a professional looking symbol, with the serious, trustworthy and corporate look of a professional stock market investment company.

The design of this corporate economy consulting logo explained

The target was to create a corporate logo design appropriate for a financial consulting company, with a strong, professional and classic feeling. It had to fit the traditional look of this kind of financial advisors, whose companies tend to be quite serious, classsic and conservative, while being distinctive at the same time. So I decided to create a text based logotype design, avoiding economy and investment topic symbols (like currency symbols, stock chart lines and so on,) while focusing on this firm name instead, which should make the design more unique and memorable.

The key was to design a fully original JK corporate logo, based on a bold, compact image (depicting stability and trust) with an efficient, dynamic touch (due to the curve and dynamic lines that lead the view through the design, making it “flow”) and a serious and classic feeling (reinforced by the use of a conservative serif detail in the font edges).

The color scheme chosen at the logos for investment firms which emphasize strength and energy are usually based on just a dark red tone plus pure black colors. The contrast between these two tones catches the attention, but the logo design itself is kept serious and corporate oriented. So the design conveys and idea of professionalism and strength (as a combination of the serious black with the vivid and vigorous red), that stands out among other dull color schemes used by other stock market consulting firms, but still fits the professional and corporate look and feel of an econcomy consulting and stock market investment firm.

The importance of the typography in this classic and professional logo design is critical, so a customized font design that fits the main JK logotype was used to depict the full stock market investment firm name. The serif details add a subtle classic touch, while the curve lines and the cutouts convey a dynamic and active idea. By remarking the initials using a red color this economy consulting firm is linked to the main logotype symbol, JK.

The resulting economy consulting corporate logo design is a trustworthy, strong and professional design that manages to catch the viewer’s attention and to distinguish the firm from its competitors while keeping a clean and serious corporate look. It manages to both stand out and be an appropriate corporate logo at the same time.

Variants of this stock market investment consulting corporate logo design

modern corporate logo design

Modern corporate logo design

This variant of the main logo design features a shining effect that creates a three-dimensional feeling on the main JK symbol, making it even more distinctive and relevant.

This is in fact a modern corporate approach that makes the design of this firm to stand out even more. That subtle 3D shining redering distinguishes this logo from the flat designs of other competing stock market consulting firms. It’s a sleek, smart and original corporate logo design, eye-catching but still professional.

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by Enrique Serrano

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