Travel protection insurance logo designs and webpage concept

Travel protection logo
© design by Enrique Serrano

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Travel protection logo: professional logo and webpage design for a travel protection insurance company

Main ideas of travel protection logo design: world, hands & arrows

CSA Travel Protection is a company that offers integral world travel protection through worldwide insurance services.

The Travel Protection logo design depicts all the main ideas of this insurance company: protection (through the caring hands), worldwide reach (through the world globe) and travel (through the round trip arrows) – everything blends seamlessly in a modern logotype design.

Logo design requirement specification provided by the target insurance company

  • CSA Travel Protection wanted a brand new logo design to substitute their current logotype by a more modern and professional design.
  • The key was to depict world travel protection and insurance services. The company motto is whenever and wherever you need us.
  • The logo design could use up to 2 colors. Avoid color combinations that would not look serious or professional.
  • A graphic symbol or anagram could be included in the design, but avoid umbrella symbols, as those are overused in plenty insurance logos.
  • No handscript-looking fonts should be used – the insurance company aims for more serious and professional looking fonts.

Full explanation of this travel insurance logo based on a simple 2-color concept

A succesful travel protection logo design had to combine every main concept of this insurance company in a clean, simple and professional way. So the logo design had to depict protection, travels and world reach.

One of the strongest points of this travel insurance company is that they have global reach: the provide protection everywhere, even on international travels. So an orb symbol, depicting the world, was included as the central element of this logo design, to symbolize worldwide travel protection.

The main business activity of the customer is about insurance and protection. So the protection idea had to be included in the logo design. Such idea is depicted by two caring hands holding the orb – they care, they protect, and they can reach every place in the world.

Finally, it was necessary to include an explicit reference to travels, avoiding a too static approach. A succesful round trip worldwide travel is depicted as arrow symbols around the world. The 3D effect of these arrows makes them embrace the world symbol, with an ascending touch, effectively turning the logo design into something more dynamic and worldwide travel related.

The color scheme chosen for this logo design is based on two blue colors. A blue color scheme is traditionally related to security and professional services. It’s both a serious and relaxing color choice, very appropriate for a trustworthy travel insurance company. This logo design extracts the maximum out of these two colors, creating tridimensional and shading effects (integrating the world inside the hands, and the arrows around the world globe), while keeping low print costs.

The CSA initials were the most significative and distinctive part of this travel insurance company. So a big font, with a strong modern touch, was selected to depict these CSA letters. The travel protection part was written using a similar font, modern, compact, and easily readable, that balanced the composition. Both fonts are based on soft, round modern lines, showing an inviting and caring (but still professional and modern) attitude, appropriate for this travel protection and insurance logo design.

The main logo design combines seamlessly every main idea of the insurance company (travels, protection and international coverage) in a symbol that is both clean and original. The full logo conveys and idea of effective travel insurance firm, that will protect you whenever and wherever you need their professional services.

Design variants of this travel protection and insurance firm

Round protection logo

Rounded protection logo variant

This logo version is a very easy to print design that only requires a flat color with an opacity variation. The main idea of protection is reinforced by enclosing every logo element inside a protective sphere.

I specially like how the blank background space defines the hand shapes and how they blend with the world halo. It’s a rounded logo design that remarks even more the protection concept in a compact and smart way, making use of the blank, negative space of the background to make the design stand out. However, the first concept is somehow simpler to the eye, and puts more visual emphasis on the main elements, which are easily perceived as dark items on a white background. In any case, the definition of the full symbol using just 1 color (or 1 color with 1 color shade) makes this brand design quite remarkable and versatile.

Dark travel logo version

Dark background optimized logo

This logo version is a design optimized to work on a dark background, completing the travel insurance company logo set with a group of logos that would be working on any situation. The darker blue has been substituted by a white color (still keeping the 2-color limit,) so now the world sphere seems to shine, illuminating the hands and the inner part of the arrow.

The clear white world orb makes this travel protection logo design stay shining and relaxing, with a strong professional touch, effectively depicting this protection and insurance company corporate image on any background, surface and brand use.

golden world travel logo

Travel insurance webpage design

The logo redesign also included a completely new design of the travel insurance webpage, making it look more professional and modern, while staying easily accessible and navigable. It’s a design based on clean menus, soft corners and inviting travel images – following the style trend of the time – where everything focuses on travels and protection.

This insurance webpage design also features a finally discarded warm logo variant that exchanges the serious and professional feeling by a more warm and inviting insurance company image.

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by Enrique Serrano

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