Splash logo design for a funny community of sea and water videos

splash vision logo
© design by Enrique Serrano

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Splash logo design: Logotype design for Splash Vision, with realistic water drops and water splash effects

Main ideas of the splash logo design

Splash Vision is an internet video community, where users can upload funny water and sea themed videos.

This splash logo design combines the main concepts of Splash Vision: a water splash effect, plus the idea of “videos” depicted as a film strip. It’s a modern logo design which represents the modern and funny philosophy of this video community.

Customer requirements of the Splash Vision logo design

  • The logo should include the website name, Splash Vision.
  • A color scheme based on red and blue would be appropriate. It will be mainly used on the website, so it can include any number of colors.
  • Try to include a simpler logo design that could work as a watermark to use on the videos.
  • The main idea is to depict a website based on the sea and on funny water themed videos. A web 2.0 style would be fine, but avoid something over the top.

An appropriate logo design for splash videos

This logo design succeeds in depicting all of the customer’s website main features: funny, eye-catching, modern, water and splash themed, and related to videos. All these ideas are combined in a seamless and natural way, creating a smart logo that focuses on the site name, Splash Vision.

The starting point of this logo design was to focus on the concept of water and splash. So I designed a logo based on realistic water drops effects and splash effects, with a subtle web 2.0 style reflection: a community concept based on concentric pond ripples. The more complex, realistic illustration style was okay for this design, as it was essentially targeting an online-only platform.

Splash video reel concept

Then I decided to include the video concept in this logo design. The video is depicted as a film strip that, in fact, creates the Splash effect. This video looks like the “l” in “Splash” and seamlessly combines both main concepts of Splash Vision: water splash and videos.

The realistic splash effects desisgn uses a blue color scheme, while the film strip video symbol contrasts using a red color scheme. This way, both parts of the logo design are easily distinguished, creating a vivid, contrasting and eye-catching logotype.

The font chosen for this logo design also takes into account every main concept of this website: it’s a fun font (based on smooth lines) with a dynamic effect (as it’s itallic). So it’s a modern and dynamic font, which is also clean and easy to read, and perfectly fits the splash videos website mood.

The resulting splash logo is a very original and modern symbol that smartly combines every customer key concept: it’s a community, it’s about a water splash, it’s about videos, and it’s funny and vibrant.

Other versions of this Splash Vision logo design

splash watermark logo variant

Splash watermark logo design

This is a simpler version of the Splash Vision logo design, as an image prepared to act as a video watermark. The Splash Vision watermark should meet the following requirements: it had to be easily readable, it had to work specially well on dark backgrounds, and should still be easily recognizable and distinctive enough.

This splash vision watermark logo design meets those customer requirements: it’s a design that works perfectly on dark backgrounds, and it’s still distinctive and clearly readable.

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by Enrique Serrano

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